Hilarious Look at How Not to Use PowerPoint

October 19, 2009

PowerPoint Tip #1: It’s a big MISTAK not to spelcheek your work.
This is one of the funniest presentations I’ve ever seen on how NOT to use PowerPoint.

What’s the best thing about watching Don McMillan explain how “speling erors make you look stupider”? You’ll laugh and learn.

Some insist PowerPoint (or Apple Keynote) is pass√©. And, heck yeah, we’ve all sat through presentations that were dull or confusing or as long as the Verazzano bridge.

But let’s get real: It’s not the software that makes a presentation stink.
It’s how you use it. And, using it well can mean the difference between making the sale and making people fall asleep.

Get more tips on how to pack a punch with your presentations.
Here are some other resources I’ve found to be helpful myself:

1. World’s Best Presentation Contest 2009 Winners
The 2009 winners are great examples of persuasive, moving, entertaining and provocative presentations.

2. Really Bad Powerpoint
This is a Seth Godin article from 2007 but still relevant. And, if you haven’t already subscribed to Seth’s blog…well, what are you waiting for?

3. Presentation Tips from GarrReynolds.com
You’ll find preparation, design and delivery tips here. You may know Garr from his blog, Presentation Zen (also a great site that goes into more depth on presentation design principles).

What’s the best presentation tip or advice you’ve ever gotten?
Add your reply below.

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